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Real Estate Drone Photography and Video Services

Thank You for Considering Above Maui Drone Services!

We are excited to provide you with a detailed estimate for capturing stunning aerial footage for your real estate photography, videography, and drone mapping needs.

Our Comprehensive Package Includes:

  1. Location Scouting and Pre-Shoot Planning:

    • Our team conducts thorough location scouting to identify the best angles, vantage points, and flight paths, ensuring stunning aerial footage of each property.
  2. Drone Photography, Videography, and Mapping:

    • We schedule dedicated sessions for each location, capturing high-quality aerial images, video footage, and precise drone mapping data.
    • Our skilled drone pilot uses state-of-the-art equipment to highlight the unique features of each property from various angles and altitudes.
    • The footage includes comprehensive views of property exteriors, surrounding landscapes, and notable amenities or attractions.
  3. Post-Processing and Editing:

    • Our team meticulously reviews and selects the best footage from each location.
    • We apply professional-grade post-processing techniques to enhance colors, sharpness, and overall visual appeal.
    • The footage is edited into captivating video tours and precise maps, highlighting key features and selling points.
  4. Delivery of Final Materials:

    • Final deliverables include high-resolution aerial photographs, professionally edited video tours, and detailed maps for each location.
    • Files are provided in formats suitable for both online and offline marketing purposes.

Explore Our Work:

Check out our YouTube channel to see examples of our stunning aerial footage and mapping projects.

Enhance your real estate listings with Above Maui’s expert drone services. Visit Above Maui Drone Services to learn more and book your consultation today!